About Steve

My First Solo Show
7pm / September 23rd at Don’t Tell Mama

I’m also working on a CD, and I will perform some of those songs, with some help from a few good friends, in my first solo show September 23rd, 2017! On the right-hand side of this page, you will see my Facebook Event page link. Click on Wholly Possible, if you want to let me know you are coming. You will also see a link to the page where you can purchase tickets at

On the right-hand side, you can also listen to one of the songs which I recorded with Paul Opalach at Long Hill Recording Studio in Shelton, CT

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Now a little bit about the music and me personally.

I’ve been playing guitar since around August of 2007. My family loves music, and so I was surrounded by lots of Motown, Country, R&B, Pop, Rock and Roll, and much more. My dad, uncles, grandfather, all played guitar, drums, and sang. It was a great thing to be around. I played guitar with my dad, until he recently passed. I still play for him, and I have experienced him in the room, even now.

I have been writing songs since high school. Many of the songs were about crushes and love interests, and many were about overcoming life’s challenges. Now, I see these challenges as something to learn from, and I try not to rush though them, because this is where the sweet spot is for me when it comes to songs and growth.

Some of the greatest live performances I have seen were; Al Jarreau, Jewel, Tracy Chapman, Sloan Wainwright, and Sugarland. These performers stand out for me because of their ability to take hold of that part of me that is so interested in the ways we communicate, and bring me to a place that is playful and fun and powerful. It inspires me to be a better writer, performer, and person.

I enjoy playing out at concerts, and open mics.

The open mics I attend are: Open Mic Night in Norwalk CT and The Salon, NYC

Other groups include:

CT Playmakers
SummerSongs ~ Songwriting Camp Ashokan NY
Unity Center of Norwalk – Joyful Noise

Singer Songwriter